Consider Your Personal Needs before You Buy Beds March 5, 2019 March 5, 2019 William

Having chosen the ideal model, it is time to observe your personal needs. Do you just want a bed or a multifunctional piece?

If you are going to get the bed only for you and your partner to sleep, there is not much of a secret. Just observe the technology used in the product and choose the type of spring or foam ideal for you (we will see this in the next topic).

However, a multifunctional bed has numerous advantages. Those that have chests and drawers, for example, can accommodate bedding, towels and other pieces. In addition to saving space in the room, they help in the organization of the room. Ask experts about when is the best time to buy a mattress?

Double Box

The double boxes are those that come with an auxiliary mattress. This is a great option for those who receive many visits at home and do not want to buy an extra bed.

Box Chest Bed

As the name says, this model features a chest at the bottom. This vacant space can be used to store utensils, bed linen, etc.

Bed with Drawers

This model is similar to the previous one. However, instead of a large vacant space, there are some drawers (the number may vary depending on the model chosen).

Queen Size Bed

The queen size model   is slightly larger than the standard (1.58m x 1.98m). In this way, it usually provides a more comfortable night for couples who sleep together.

King Size Bed

The king size is even larger (1.93m x 2.03m). Before acquiring it, it is necessary to consider the room as a whole (wardrobes, nightstands and space for people to move). Therefore, it is important to carefully measure the room.

Look At Bed Technology Before You Buy It

If you want to purchase a quality product, this is the most important tip. The type of technology (bagged springs, pillow top etc.) has a direct influence on the durability of the product.

  1. Individually Bagged Springs: They adapt to body curves and prevent one user from wobbling when the other moves;
  2. Springs Tri-power (Bonnel): Extremely durable, the product has a lot of springs per square meter;
  3. LFK Molex System: It distributes perfectly the pressure of the body and supports up to 150 kilos.